A Different Voice

Leading by Example


A different voice.

As a mother to two children I know that my voice can bring a different viewpoint to the party. My hope is to unite people from all backgrounds and bring them into OUR party no matter the age, skin color, marital status or income. In order to grow the party we need to make it accessible to everyone. The misconception of the Rupublican Party being intimidating and a party of old rich white men is a false notion and needs to be eliminated. This party. Our party. The Republican Party... is a party united in love for this amazing country and love for the constitution, I hope that my voice will reflect this and proclaim it out to others.

Leading by example.

With What you can do NOW, I am constantly encouraging others to get active and get involved. I feel that this position is the next step for me to get more involved in the party and volunteer work. Through my work within the party and in upcoming campaigns, I hope to encourage and inspire others to get involved no matter who they are or where they come from.

what district do you live in?

If you live in the 65th Assembly District, you will be able to vote for me. This district includes the following cites: Anaheim, Buena Park, Cypress, Fullerton, Garden Grove, La Palma, and Stanton​. The entirety of these cites are not included, so click below to find out if you live in the 65th Assembly District.


I was born and raised in Orange County California to a mother and father that decided to take on the task of homeschooling three children. Homeschooling gave me the opportunity to pursue many of my varied interests. From sewing, to guitar and singing, painting, creating my own magazine and even becoming an Anaheim Police Explorer... I did it ALL!

I started my working life at the age of 15 1/2 at Jack in the Box. I had to pay for my own gas and insurance if I wanted to drive, so dove straight into the world of working for what I wanted. I have held numerous licenses over my life including CNA, Personal Lines Insurance, and cosmetologist. The profession that I spent over 10 years of my life working in was makeup artistry.  I have worked for lines such as Smashbox, Dior, and Chanel. In my early 30's I managed a Dior counter at Fashion Island and took it to the number one counter in the region. As I and my life changed, I decided to completely change careers and went back to school to get my CNA license. I have worked now over two years at a job that makes my heart happy. I run the therapy department at an adult day program that helps hundreds of participants with disabilities every day. Our participants range from low functioning to high functioning and I am lucky enough to be blessed by their presence every day.

Through all of life's twists and turns, the one job title that I love more than any other is mom. I have a daughter, Eisley in 8th grade and a son, Hunter in 5th. There is no other job that has been more challenging and exhausting but also so rewarding and life changing. At the end of the day their future and the country I leave behind is what drives me. 


My entrance into politics came in 2018 when I decided to volunteer with the Travis Allen campaign. Though the vote didn't go as we wanted, it was an amazing learning experience and taught me so much about the world of politics. Since then I have volunteered for Congressional candidates as well as Assembly candidates and have walked numerous precincts for their campaigns.

In May of 2018 I decided that I needed to do more, so I created a group called What you can do NOW. The goal of this group is to educate and inspire others to get active and involved in the Republican party.

Since the inception of What you can do NOW, I have hosted GOTV events and recall petition signing events as well as several marches to bring awareness to issues that mean a lot to me personally. I encourage you to check out What you can do NOW's website here: www.whatyoucandonow.com

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